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Program seeks to help nursing facility residents return home

Date: 3/26/2014

 The Information Center is helping nursing facility residents to get back into the community through a unique state funded program, The Nursing Facility Transition Program.

NFT, pronounced “nifty,” is a program designed to assist senior citizens and disabled adults who are currently residing in a nursing facility and have a desire to transition back into the community.

Candidates must be eligible for Medicaid, reside in a nursing home and have a barrier to leave the nursing home.

Services may include providing: a security deposit, furniture, household goods, utility deposits/hook-up fees (excluding cable), housing assistance, home modifications, moving expenses and cleaning.

NFT may also be able to evaluate eligibility for in-home services. Ongoing assistance in the community may be available based on separate eligibility for ongoing services through the MI Choice Waiver Program.

Anyone can make a referral to this program. For more information or to make a referral, please call The Information Center at 1-734-282-7171.

This program is funded with Medicaid funds provided by the Michigan Department of Community Health.