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The Information Center ranked among state's best
Posted 4/2/2015
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The Information Center ranked among state’s best in regards to quality assurance



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When the annual Michigan Department of Community Health reports were released recently, Taylor’s The Information Center finished almost at the top of the scrum for best in the state.

The quality assurance review left the organization with the top rating in Wayne County, and second best rating in the state in regards to quality assurance.

The group got a 101 percent ranking on the report.

In this industry, quality assurance refers to health care operations. The rating is ranking the system for evaluating performance, as in the delivery of services or the quality of products provided to consumers, customers, or patients that the non-profit uses.

“Our Care Management staff is pleased with our recent MDCH quality assurance ranking,” said Michele White, the Director of Care Management Services for the charity. “Our Care Management staff works tirelessly everyday to provide the best quality to our clients in the downriver area and in surrounding communities. At the same time, we strive to keep the costs down to make in-home services affordable.Tobe ranked number two in the state of Michigan is an honor our staff has worked hard to achieve.”

According to a release from the center, costs of health care are kept affordable for in-home clients, rather than admitting them to resident care facilities.

“The Information Center is strongly committed to home and community based services and is working in accordance with Governor Rick Snyder’s initiative that focuses on making Michigan a “No Wait” state for in home-services,” according to a press release from the organization.

The group works to have family members serve as partial support for patients, rather than push for the need to go to a nursing home. A semi-private room in a nursing home costs between $220 and $313 per day in Wayne County, according to Genworth’s 2014 Michigan Cost of Care Survey.

The group said it keeps costs for care at about $57 per day for patients that take in-home care.

The organization is continually working to address the needs of older and disabled citizens across the region.


Working with programs offered by The Information Center, patients have no waiting list to get on the MI-Choice Medicaid Waiver program.

That program is a comprehensive, community–based program designed for Medicaid-eligible adults who need nursing home level of care. The goal is to provide individuals with a choice of remaining and living independently in the community with support services, instead of going to a nursing home.

Additional Programs Provided by the charity include:

The Information Center’s Community Transitions Program is designed to assist senior citizens and disabled adults who are currently residing in a nursing facility and want to transition back into the community. MI-Choice Medicaid Waiver and community transitions are funded in part by Medicaid funds provided by the Michigan Department of Community Health.

One of the programs offered is called Trusted Care Solutions. It is a private pay care management program that empowers and educates at risk adults allowing them to make informed choice that will secure their safety and independence. The goal of this program is to provide education, resources, and services that will prevent premature nursing home placement.

The Information Center will celebrate 40 years of providing excellent service to the community this year.

For more information about The Information Center or its programs, call 1-734-282-7171 or

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