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Endowment Fund



The Gift That Keeps On Giving


Just as the founders and first group of staff and volunteers established the legacy that we inherited, we are now starting an Endowment Fund to carry the legacy of The Information Center and its mission to help the community into the future.
An endowment is an investment in our mission.
The earnings from the investment principal benefit The Information Center in perpetuity.
An endowment will help ensure the continuation and sustainability of the good work our staff and volunteers do amidst funding changes, volatility and instability.
Working through the Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan offers ease of administration and state of the art donor support.
Donor contributions are tax deductible in the year of the donation.
To start our Endowment Fund we simply need an initial amount of at least $10,000.
100 people each donating $100, or 40 people donating $250, or 20 people donating $500, or 10 people donating $1,000.

The funds to establish and grow the Endowment will come from our supporters and friends in the community, our leadership and staff, those who see the value in The Information Center continuing forward with its mission of help to the community.
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