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Information and Referral

Information & Referral: The Information and Referral Department is a team of call specialists dedicated to helping downriver citizens access the help they need. We work with a database of human service organizations and keep abreast of all local resources in an effort to match you with resources for your individual needs. Our call specialists will assess your situation and point you in the right direction. Our services are free and confidential. To contact a specialist, call 734-282-7171 or complete our online form. [ more]

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Employment and Training

The Information Center is a part of Southeast Michigan Community Alliance's (SEMCA) Michigan Works!, a One-Call/One-Stop system that connects individuals and businesses with the services they need. We provide the initial assessment, help you find resources that may be preventing you from employment, and direct you to the appropriate service and training agency to meet your needs. [ more]

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Medicaid Waiver

MI Choice Medicaid Waiver- MI Choice Waiver is a community based program for eligible individuals age 18 years or older who meet financial and medical requirements. To qualify, individuals must require a nursing facility level of care, and have a monthly income of $2,199 or less and assets no greater than $2000. Available services include personal care, respite care, homemaking, private duty nursing and many other services to support independent living. [ more]

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Nursing Facility Transition

Nursing Facility Transition- The NFT (Nursing Facility Transition) program provides nursing home residents with the opportunity to explore alternatives and community-based living options. This program is available to nursing home residents who are either currently on Medicaid or are Medicaid ellglble and would like to return to their own home, move in with family members, find an apartment, or choose another housing option. Supports and services needed after transition made be available for those who need functional and financial guidelines. [ more]

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Adult Day Care

Adult Day Services provide a structured daytime program of social and rehabilitative and/or maintenance services to functionally impaired elderly persons. Most sites will accept clients from anywhere within the area. Limited transportation to and from sites may be available. Some of these programs also offer dementia specific services. [ more]


Early Childhood Home Visting Connections

Home Visiting Connections for Young Children is a toll free line to connect pregnant women and families with young children to Home Visiting Services in Wayne County Michigan. Home Visiting is an effective way to increase the access to community supports and provide children and their families with the best possible start in life.  Call toll-free 1-855-637-9740

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Employee Assistance Program

An employee assistance program, or EAP, is a counseling service for employees and their eligible dependents who may be experiencing personal or work place problems. Everyone has problems from time to time. Usually, we work them out. But sometimes problems persist, becoming serious enough to affect us both off and on the job.At such times, an EAP counselor may be able to help. Through prevention, identification, and resolution of these personal issues, EAPs enhance employee and workplace effectiveness and are a vital tool for maintaining and improving worker health and productivity, retaining valued employees, and returning employees to work after illnesses or injuries. [ more]

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Options Counseling

Options Counseling- Call to speak to one of our trained Options Counselors to have an interactive discussion, over the phone or in person. This is a decision making process to go over your long-term care needs or other life circumstances. Options counseling is about supporting informed decisions based around your needs, preferences, values and goals. [ more]

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Trusted Care Solutions

We believe high quality, caring, and personalized in-home support services should be available to all members of the community. Trusted Care Solutions provides the fullest and most comprehensive menu of services available to area residents. [ more]

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Disability Screening

Do you have a medical condition that disables you from work? Call (888) 625-9170 for referral to a representative/advocate who will provide free representation to assist you in obtaining disability benefits. You may also discuss your situation with a call specialist to receive other referrals that may be able to assist you during this difficult time. [ more]






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